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Analysis of Natural Compounds

Proven chromatographic, spectrometric and electrophoretic methods for the analysis of foods may likewise be used to characterize the metabolic properties of cells and the substrate and reaction specificity of enzymes.

Problems of the analysis of volatiles (formation of dispersions, distribution coefficients) are solve by coupling thermal desorption to GC-O and GC-MS. Non-volatiles are submitted to LC-MS and LC-MS/MS with various ionization and collision techniques; proteome analysis is performed using nLC-ESI-QTOF-MS/MS.

The spectrum of compounds analysed reaches from small food contaminants and flavours to medium-sized metabolites, such as the cobalamines to big enzyme proteins.

Analytical and preparative IEF and SDS-PAGE combined with activity staining and zymography serve to characterise enzymes as well as extruded meat analogues, another hot topic.